Morphine Rehab

February 6, 2010


Morphine Basics

Morphine is a narcotic pain reliever. It is prescribed to individuals that suffer from pain which is severe and chronic.  Often times, it cannot be prescribed unless an individual has already built up a tolerance to it specifically, or to a similar opioid medication. A person’s doctor will be able to determine if it is safe to prescribe.


What Leads to A Morphine Addiction?

Morphine is potentially addicting, as opiates tend to be. If it is taken long enough, an individual may develop a tolerance to it. This tolerance is often the eventual cause of addiction. Though morphine and other narcotic pain relieving drugs are extremely powerful, users can quickly develop a tolerance to them which makes them dangerous in this regard.


When a person has developed a tolerance to a drug, it will not offer as much pain relief as it use to. Subsequently, a person will begin to take an increasing amount of it hoping to experience the same effects they did in the past. If this is continued, an addiction may develop. At this point, it becomes incredibly difficult to stop as a person has not only developed a physical addiction but also a psychological one.


Morphine use that is chronic and excessive will alter the functioning of the brain. This causes individuals to develop a physical addiction.


Besides addiction, respiratory troubles and depression, constipation and a lack of energy and motivation may occur in individuals addicted to morphine. It will be necessary for those with a severe addiction to reach out or accept help. The life of a person with a morphine dependency truly hangs in the balance if they do not get help. 


Morphine detox is a good first step for those interested in getting clean and overcoming their addiction to morphine. It is not required, though it can be very helpful. Following that, an individual will want to check themselves into a morphine rehab program. Again, depending on the severity of the addiction, a person may or may not, need to enter an inpatient facility.


The Importance of Overcoming An Addiction to Morphine

Morphine is a powerful medication that can be lethal if taken in large doses.


An addiction to morphine can alter the functioning of the brain.


A dependency on morphine can be psychologically and physically crippling.



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