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Cocaine Rehabilitation

February 6, 2010


Cocaine Basics

Cocaine is one of the most commonly abused drugs in America. It can be readily found in many communities throughout the country and is responsible for millions of addicted individuals and tons of broken lives.  Cocaine is a stimulant which energizes the Central Nervous System. It can be snorted, injected and even smoked.  Individuals that take cocaine report feeling more energized, being more focused and motivated. A high may last up to 30 minutes. When too much cocaine is consumed, a person is at risk of overdosing and dying. Heart attack is a risk that people who use too much cocaine, assume.


What Leads To A Cocaine Addiction?

Individuals often times become psychologically addicted to cocaine because of the strong euphoric feelings it gives the user.  It increases the amount of dopamine released from the brain which makes individuals feel good and subsequently, they experience a strong sense of well-being.  Persons that take a particular liking to this feeling may end up chasing it and thus chronically being using the drug. As a result, they become psychologically dependent to it. 


It is also possible to develop a tolerance of sorts to cocaine.  The first time an individual takes it, the feelings that they experience may be very intense and pleasurable. However, subsequent use of the drug may not produce highs that are as powerful or don't feel as good as the initial one. As a result, people begin taking more of it. If too much as taken, this can lead to overdose. 


Prolonged and habitual use of cocaine can be quite dangerous.  Individuals may suffer from heart problems, experience of nosebleeds or structural damage to the nasal passages. They may also develop gangrene in the bowels, mental degeneration, psychosis, paranoia and anxiety.  Individuals are also at increased risk for the development of infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV if they take cocaine intravenously and share needles with other users.  Stroke, heart attack and sudden death are also potential risks.


The Importance of Overcoming Cocaine Addiction

  • Cocaine can cause heart problems
  • A cocaine overdose is potentially fatal
  • A cocaine addiction can be very expensive



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