Crack Rehab Program

February 6, 2010


Crack Basics

Crack is a very addicting form of cocaine.  Its use reached epidemic levels in the 1980s and 1990s.  Since then, its prevalence has decreased some. However, crack is still used pretty heavily and is a major cause for concern in some parts of the United States, particularly in America’s inner cities and poor rural areas.


Crack can be smoked, injected or inhaled. After a person has taken crack, they will feel its effects pretty quickly. Users will experience a rush and very strong feelings of euphoria. The latter is one of the primary reasons that this drug is so addicting and its lure so strong. Persons who have become dependent on crack often suffer from both a psychological and physical addiction. 


What Leads To Crack Addiction?

A high from crack lasts only a short amount of time. As a result, individuals are constantly craving for more of it so that they can extend is effects.  An addition to crack cocaine often times occurs because of the strong euphoric feelings the drug produces.  Also, because a high doesn’t last very long, individuals are motivated to constantly chase it. When this occurs for a long enough time, it begins to overwhelm a person’s life. At this point, they have at least developed a psychological addiction to it.


It is very important that individuals do what is necessary to overcome an addiction to crack cocaine.  It is a very dangerous drug and an overdose can be fatal. Mental degeneration and a lack of care for one's self and those persons that an addict is responsible for, such as a marriage partner or children, often occurs.  Individuals may lose a lot of weight and engage in dangerous behaviors such as unprotected sex.  The latter can lead to unplanned pregnancies for women and disease (HIV and Hepatitis) in both men and women. 


Crack is freebased cocaine.  Individuals convert it from cocaine, often times by adding another substance such as baking soda to it. They then cook it.

Besides euphoria, crack also makes individuals feel more confident, alert and gives them more energy. A tremendous amount of dopamine is released in the brain as well.  Because it takes a while for the brain to replenish dopamine, individuals will crash after the high from crack has worn off. Subsequently, persons feel compelled to take more and more of it so that they can avoid the inevitable crash.  It is not unheard-of for persons go on crack binges that last for days at a time.


The Importance of Overcoming Crack Addiction

Persons that fail to overcome an addiction to crack face the risk of mental and physical degeneration.


Heavy crack use increases ones risk of becoming infected with infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis


Once a person develops an addiction to crack, it is very difficult to beat. The longer a person is addicted to it, the harder it will be to stop.







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