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A lot of drug consumption and trafficking takes place within California.  The state is also a major distribution hub. Drugs are smuggled into California before being shipped out to other parts of the country. Methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine are the predominate ones used and distributed from California to other parts of the United States.


Methamphetamine continues to be a threat to California, as it has become to other parts of the country in the last decade. This highly addictive drug is used by individuals throughout California in the metro areas and also in rural and suburban parts of the state.


Cocaine, both the powder form of the drug and crack, is readily available in California. Most of it is concentrated in the urban parts of the state. However, it can be found all over and is abused by persons throughout California. 


Heroin abuse is also problematic.  Mexican black tar is the most prevalent and comes from Mexico, hence the name. It is sold in California and also distributed to other states throughout the country, from here. 


Marijuana is used pretty heavily in California. In fact, when many people think about the ongoing campaigns for the legalization of marijuana, this state often comes to mind.  Some of the marijuana used and sold here, is grown domestically (in California).  It is also is cultivated and shipped in from other places, mostly Mexico.


The use of club drugs in California is on the rise. The ones used most are ecstasy, LSD and GHB. Pharmaceutical drug abuse, especially the use of narcotic pain relievers, has become more and more of a problem as well.  Many of these drugs are purchased from pharmacies in Mexico which are unregulated. However, doctor shopping, prescription forgery, theft and online purchasing are other ways people are gaining access to prescription medications in order to support their addictions.

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