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Methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin and cocaine are amongst the predominate drugs in Arizona. However, an individual would be pretty hard pressed to list a drug that could not be found there.  Arizona is a major drug trafficking state, with lots of drugs shipped into the state for the purposes of being sold. It is also a major distribution point with many drugs shipped there, only to be sent out to other states throughout the country.


Many of the drugs sold in Arizona are done so by Mexican drug trafficking organizations.  The majority of the drugs shipped into the state also come from Mexico, or other Western or Southwestern states.  


The violence surrounding the Mexico-Arizona drug trade is a significant threat to Arizona. Murders and kidnappings are unfortunate but not rare. 


One drug which poses a significant risk to the state is methamphetamine. It is very highly addictive, can cause rapid physical and psychological deterioration and violent reactions amongst users.  Methamphetamine is not only shipped in to Arizona for local distribution but also sent to other states throughout the country including Nevada.


Cocaine and heroin are also smuggled into Arizona in high quantities. As with most other drugs coming into Arizona, some of them are sold in the state, while some are shipped out to other parts of the region and even throughout the country.  Local law enforcement is focused on curtailing drug shipments brought in from Mexico and also those shipped to other states from there.  However, this is an ongoing and challenging battle.


The drug smuggling operations in this part of the country are often very sophisticated and organizations use various smuggling techniques. They may ship some of the drugs into Arizona via trucks and/or other types of commercial and/or private vehicles.  Other times they are smuggled in via a ‘mule (a human being).’  Once the drugs reach Arizona, they are sold by street games and other criminal groups.   Because smuggling and distribution operations are so vast and entrenched, it is very difficult for local law enforcement agencies and even Federal's ones to completely eradicate the drug trade or even to get a firm grasp on it, though some progress has been made.

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