Barbiturate Treatment

February 6, 2010


Barbiturate Basics

Barbiturates are depressants which are prescribed to individuals who suffer from the conditions of insomnia or anxiety. Common street names for them are ‘downers’ and ‘barbies.’  Barbiturates were prescribed and also used recreationally more so in the 1960s and 1970s, then they are today. Recently, physicians have begun prescribing another group of drugs called benzodiazepines in their places to treat many of the drugs that barbiturates were previously prescribed for.


What Leads To A Barbiturate Addiction?

It is possible to develop both a psychological and physical addiction to barbiturates.  This can occur whether or not a person takes these drugs recreationally or have been prescribed them by a doctor.


All individuals that misuse barbiturates are at risk of developing a tolerance to them.  After an individual has taken it for some time, it will eventually require  increasing amounts of it in order for the drugs to produce the same effects that they previously did.  Tolerance can eventually develop into an addiction. Dependency and even the misuse of these types of drugs, is very dangerous. If too much is consumed, a person may slip into a coma and even die.


Barbiturates are potentially, psychologically addicting.  This is especially true if the particular drug being taken has proven to be effective. For example, a person that has been prescribed barbiturates for insomnia may be unable to sleep when they don’t take them.  Subsequently, individuals may become dependent on them. This can happen to anyone. However, some individuals are more prone to addiction.  These individuals are at greater risk of developing dependencies no matter what the drug is, though anyone can develop a psychological addiction.


Barbiturates can also be physically addicting. An addiction can become so powerful that it requires detoxification and rehabilitation. Both of these can be effective in helping individuals get clean.


The Importance of Overcoming Barbiturate Addiction

  • Barbiturate addiction can lead to coma and death
  • An addiction to any drug can cause havoc in a person’s emotional, mental and physical lives
  • Barbiturates are very powerful and many people underestimate their potency, putting them at increased risk for overdose.



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