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Hydrocodone Rehab

February 6, 2010


Hydrocodone Basics

Hydrocodone is an opiate, cough suppressant.  It is also used to treat moderate pain and is commonly prescribed for both purposes.  Hydrocodone is often mixed with other drugs in order to treat a variety of ailments. For example, Hydrocodone is combined with acetaminophen and prescribed under the brand names, Lorcet, Vicodin and Lortab. Hydrocodone is available in capsule and tablet form. It is also available as a liquid (cough syrup).


Recreational use of this particular drug has increased dramatically in recent years and its abuse is becoming more of a concern.  Individuals that find themselves with an addiction to Hydrocodone or products that contain it, may find it necessary to enter a Hydrocodone rehab program.  Most drug rehabilitation centers will offer some type of program for those addicted to prescription medications.


It is possible to become addicted to Hydrocodone. Persons that use it chronically and over a long period of time may develop a tolerance to it and then possibly an addiction. 


It is important that those who have developed a dependency to the drug get help. An addiction to the drug in of itself is bad enough as it can begin to take over a person’s life. It may be all that they think about.  Hydrocodone itself can be quite damaging to the body.  It can lead to liver problems including toxicity if large amounts of it are taken or when it is chronically used. Respiratory depression, seizures, coma, cardiac arrest and even death are all possibilities if a person overdoses on Hydrocodone.


What Leads To A Hydrocodone Addiction?

Individuals that take this drug may experience feelings of euphoria.  They may also feel very relaxed.  Chasing these good feelings can lead to addiction. An addition to the drug can occur fairly quickly. On average, persons may develop a dependency after about six months of use. However, this is not set in stone. How often a person uses it and how much they take will effect how fast a person develops an addiction to Hydrocodone.


 Treatment of an addiction to Hydrocodone will typically first include some sort of detoxification. A person may be given drugs during the process to help quell some of the withdrawal symptoms.  Methadone is commonly used for this purpose. Drug rehabilitation will likely be necessary as well.


The Importance of Overcoming An Addiction To Hydrocodone

The risk of liver toxicity is high in persons with an addiction to Hydrocodone.


An addiction to a prescription medication such as Hydrocodone, can cause addicts to engage in illegal behaviors in order to obtain them. 


An addiction to Hydrocodone can be lethal.







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