Methamphetamine Rehab Program

February 6, 2010


Methamphetamine Basics

Methamphetamine is a stimulant that energizes the central nervous system. It has been given a schedule 2 drug classification in the United States. Some forms of methamphetamine are legal and available only via prescriptions. However, there are forms of the drug that are illegal and sold on the streets. One of the most well known is crystal meth.


Meth can be snorted, injected, swallowed or smoked. It is incredibly addicting. An addiction to methamphetamine is often characterized by a swift decline. A person degenerates physically quite fast and suddenly become unconcerned with taking care of themselves and their families. Users of crystal meth also often become violent.


What Leads to A Methamphetamine Addiction?

When methamphetamine is used, a large amount of dopamine is released in the brain. This increases the amount of pleasure the user experiences. A person will also receive a huge rush and feel intense feelings of euphoria. In order to maintain these feelings, individuals will feel compelled to keep taking it, often times developing a psychological addiction to it.


Over time, heavy use of methamphetamine can cause permanent changes in the way the brain functions. A person may subsequently experience diminished function in motor skills, learning and memory. Persons may also experience emotional problems. Because the brain is changed in function and structure, a physical addiction may occur. In order to balance itself, the body may begin to crave the drug.  Long term abuse of the drug makes dependency more probable. 


All hope however, is not lost. If a person abstains from using methamphetamine, there can be some reversals in their condition. This generally requires avoiding the use of this drug for at least a year.


Those with an addiction to methamphetamine would be well served by entering drug rehabilitation. This is a very serious addiction and can result in death if it is not properly treated.


The Importance Of Overcoming An Addiction To Methamphetamine

An untreated addiction to methamphetamine can cause death.


Those addicted to meth, tend to be at higher risk of becoming infected with two very serious (and potentially fatal) infectious diseases, HIV and hepatitis.


An addiction to methamphetamine often results in a fast spiral downward physically, mentally and emotionally.




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