Amphetamine Rehab

February 6, 2010


Amphetamine Basics

Amphetamines are psychomotor drugs which are classified as stimulants. They stimulate the central nervous system, subsequently, energizing a person's minds and body.  Individuals who take amphetamine report feeling powerful and experience a surge in energy. They often become more assertive, focused and motivated. Eating and sleeping becomes less of a priority when a person is high from amphetamines or develops a dependency to them. Euphoric feelings are also commonly experienced by amphetamine users.


Amphetamine may be consumed a number of ways. These drugs might be injected, swallowed, sniffed or snorted.  When they are consumed in pill form, they are mostly swallowed. However, there are individuals who will crush them up and snort them. 


Amphetamine use especially that which is prolonged and chronic, will have many negative effects on the user.  Individuals who have developed a dependency to them are at most risk. Illegal amphetamine, such as methamphetamine (meth) and speed, are especially dangerous as well as physically and psychologically destructive. Users or addicts may become more aggressive in nature violent or paranoid.  Their blood pressure and breathing rate may increase. They might also suffer from heart palpitations, insomnia and experience psychotic episodes.


There are both legal and illegal forms of amphetamine. Legal examples include diet pills and Ritalin. The latter is given to individuals who suffer from ADHD.  Illegal forms include speed and methamphetamine (meth, crystal meth, ice).


What Leads To An Amphetamine Addiction?

Amphetamine can be both physically and psychologically addicting.  If persons habitually take them, either recreationally or not according to instructions given by their doctors, they are at risk of developing a tolerance to the drug, which can lead to an addiction. Dependency sometimes occurs even when a person takes them as they have been prescribed by their physician.


Amphetamine often becomes addictive because persons who consume them often experience feelings of euphoria and well being.  However, once the drug leaves their system, individuals often experience a “crash”. They go from feeling really high to really low.  In order form them to experience those good feelings again, individuals feel compelled  to take the drug again.  Over time, a chemical imbalance can develop and the body may begin to crave the drug in order to balance itself out.


The Importance of Overcoming Amphetamine Addiction

  • Amphetamines are both psychologically and physically addicting
  • Amphetamine addiction is physically and mentally destructive
  • Illegal amphetamines are particularly dangerous and addicts are at risk for experiencing mental and physical degeneration.





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