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Prescription Addiction

February 6, 2010


Prescription drug addiction has become a serious problem in the United States. Health professionals are at a loss concerning how to stymie the increasing numbers of individuals who are using prescription drugs for the purposes of getting high and/or who are unable to quit using those prescribed for legitimate reasons.  Individuals develop an addiction to prescription medications either after being given it by their doctor for an ailment or pain.  Some of these medications are extremely addicting and if one doesn't take them according to their doctor's orders they run the risk of developing an addiction to them.


Prescription pain medications and those given for panic and anxiety and are amongst the most abused. When pain medications are prescribed many doctors will give their patients two different medications so that they can alternate their usage of them. This decreases the likelihood of a dependency developing.  Individuals who do not take the pain medications as prescribed or who prefer one over the other may misuse them and subsequently develop an addiction to them.


Prescription pain meds are amongst the most abused.  However those prescribed for ADHD, specifically Ritalin and those drugs given for anxiety and depression are also abused quite often as well.


Some people have no ailments or conditions that require the use of prescription drugs but take them anyway. These individuals use these types of drugs simply because they enjoy the way they make them feel.


It really doesn't matter why a person uses prescription drugs the potential for addiction remains the same. Those persons that end up developing a dependency will often find it difficult to overcome.  Individuals who use prescription medications in an abusive manner and who haven’t been prescribed them, may steal them from doctors’ offices, pharmacies and people whom they have been prescribed for. They may also purchase them on street as they are becoming more available that way.  The Internet is another popular place for prescription drug addicts to replenish their supply.


Those with an addiction to prescription medications may require drug rehabilitation and possibly even drug detoxification. Both of these types of programs have the knowledge and ability to help individuals with these types of addictions.  Persons that are addicted to certain types of prescription medications, such as opiates, may want to enter a facility that specializes in that form of treatment. These types of facilities may administer special drugs or put an addict through detoxification so that the withdrawal process is safe and results in as little pain and suffering as possible.



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