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Oxycontin Addiction

Oxycontin is an opiate pain killer. It is prescribed to individuals who suffer from moderate to severe pain. Oxycontin can be very addicting. Along with effectively treating pain, it may also cause dependency.  


What Is An Oxycontin Addiction?

Often times, an addiction to Oxycontin starts out innocently enough. A person may have been prescribed Oxycontin for legitimate purposes. However, over time, whether it's because they didn't take the medication according to their physician’s instructions or they are simply more susceptible to addiction, a person may be unable to control their use of the drug.


An addiction to Oxycontin can be just as overwhelming, controlling and dangerous as one to an illegal drug.  As stated above, some people may develop a dependency on Oxycontin after being prescribed it for pain, while others will take the drug recreationally because they enjoy its effects.


Signs Of An Oxycontin Addiction

A person with an Oxycontin addiction may often be unable to think of anything else besides taking the drug. Their days will often be scheduled around how and when they will be able to take the drug. Physical signs may also develop which is evidence that a physical dependency on the drug has occurred. This may include pain in the abdomen area, insomnia, vomiting, irritability, anxiousness, joint pain and nausea.


Causes Of An Oxycontin Addiction

A person may accidently develop an addiction to Oxycontin after being prescribed it by their doctor for the management of pain.  Other individuals may take the drug simply because they like the way that it makes them feel. A misuse of Oxycontin can lead to the development of an addiction.  Individuals may be at risk of dying from an overdose.


Effects of Long Term and Chronic Use

Tolerance, psychological and physical dependency are all risks of long term use. An individual is also at risk of suffering an overdose.


Complications: The complications of an Oxycontin addiction are death, the breakdown of the family and other important relationships due to a preoccupation with the drugs and perhaps disagreements about whether or not a person should stop taking it. It may also negatively affect a one’s career. Death due to respiratory depression is another potential complication. 


Treatment and Support: Fortunately, there are many great drug rehab programs that treat individuals with an Oxycontin addiction.


After rehab: Outpatient rehabilitation, drug support groups and also counseling, can all be great ways for individuals to continue their treatment after rehab.



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