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Amphetamine Dangers

February 6, 2010

There are a number of dangers associated with amphetamine use. The drugs classified as such have the potential to be habit forming and if too much is taken, can cause death. Individuals that develop a dependency on the drugs, often first develop a tolerance to them.  This requires that they take increasing amounts of them in order to experience their effects.


Developing an amphetamine addiction can be very serious and if it becomes severe will require outside intervention, most times in the form of drug rehabilitation. Individuals who abuse or become addicted to amphetamine may become anxious, nervous and aggressive. They may also feel depressed, lethargic and/or irritable after they stop using it. These are common withdrawal symptoms. 


Individuals who become addicts or use amphetamine-based drugs chronically will cause a considerable and ongoing amount of strain on the heart. Persons may also become paranoid, experience psychosis, depression and other mental disorders. Significant use can also cause the immune system to weaken. Therefore, heavy users may become ill more frequently and it may take longer for them to get well.  Perhaps the most serious amphetamine associated danger is death, as it is possible to fatally overdose on amphetamines, both legal and illegal.


There are legitimate, medical uses for amphetamine. Adderall is commonly prescribed to individuals who suffer from ADHD and some amphetamine is given for weight loss. They were more popular for the latter purpose in the past. However, there are also illegal forms of amphetamine.


Methamphetamine and speed are both well-known, illegal amphetamines.  They are inexpensive and increase the user’s energy levels, alertness and focus.  Methamphetamine is by far the most dangerous and addicting of the two.  Rates of meth addiction have skyrocketed in certain parts of the country. It causes severe and rapid dependency. Individuals who end up snared by it will have a difficult time getting clean and may experience rapid physical and psychological degeneration


There are a number of great uses for amphetamine. It is prescribed to individuals who suffer from narcolepsy and ADHD and can be very effective in treating both conditions. There are also dangers associated with the amphetamines. Tolerance, addiction and overdose, are all potential risks. Long term and chronic abuse of illegal amphetamines such as meth and speed can lead to depression, psychosis, paranoia, heart problems, compromised immune system and death.




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