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GHB Counseling

February 6, 2010


GHB is more commonly known as the ‘date rape drug.’ This newer club drug can erase from memory a person’s activities, which can be very dangerous. It is vital that individuals with an addiction to GHB to get help. Phone counseling is a great first step in dealing with a dependency to this particular drug.


Things To Do Prior To Calling A Phone Counseling Line

·        Spend time and develop a list of quality phone counseling organizations

·        Figure out if the phone call will be free or if you will be charged a fee

·        Get in the right mind set to discuss your addiction

·        If you are calling on the behalf of someone else, get as many details about their addiction as you can.

·        Call your insurance company and determine if they will pay for phone counseling

·        If your insurance does not cover phone counseling and the helpline charges you a fee, get your payment information i.e., credit card out so that you can quickly pay for the call.


Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Call

·        Don’t let fear sabotage the call

·        Answer all of the phone counselors questions as honestly as you can

·        Ask whatever questions you have

·        If the call is free, call back whenever you feel the need to


If you need help, don’t be afraid to get it!

If you are struggling with an addiction to GHB, phone counseling or a call to a helpline will give you an opportunity to discuss it with someone who will be impartial and encouraging.


GHB Phone Counseling Resources

National Drug Abuse Hotline: 1-800-662-4357

Addiction Care: 1-877-866-3401


Celebrities With A Known Addiction to GHB

Chris Benoit

Pete Rose Jr.

Nick Nolte

Tom Gugliotta



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