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The drug that poses the biggest threat to Rhode Island is cocaine. In recent years there has been less availability. This makes it more expensive to obtain the drug but not necessarily less popular. The price has increased but there is still a market for it. Cocaine sold in Rhode Island comes from South America and also from the Southwest region of the United States.  It is also imported from Mexico by way of New England. The drug trafficking organizations most responsible for the cocaine trade have Dominican in Columbian origins.

Heroin is also widely available in Rhode Island.  It can be found just about everywhere in the state. The market is dominated by Puerto Rican, Columbian and Dominican traffickers. Methamphetamine abuse is not problematic at all. In fact, it is pretty difficult to even find it in.

The club drugs abused most, are ecstasy and GHB. There is a high concentration of these drugs in Providence. They are very popular amongst those that attend raves.

Marijuana is a widely available drug. Most of it comes from Mexico and crops are also cultivated right in the state.  Canada also supplies quite a bit of a marijuana to Rhode Island. Canadian marijuana is considered more potent and of higher-quality that what is smuggled in from Mexico.

Oxycontin is the pharmaceutical drug with the most widespread use. It is often obtained via prescription forgery, doctor shopping, theft and break-ins.


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