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Marijuana, heroin, crack and cocaine are the predominant drugs in Pennsylvania. They can be found throughout the state and are the ones most abused. Meth is most problematic in the Philadelphia metro area. A lot of the methamphetamine sold in this state comes from local labs. Individuals cook it up for themselves and also to traffic it to others. Large quantities of the drugs are also imported from Mexico and California.

Cocaine is readily available as well. It is sold in powder form and also after being converted into crack. Not only is the use of both drugs problematic in the larger cities, they can also be found in rural and suburban areas. Most of the powder cocaine in Philadelphia and the other metropolitan cities come from New York City. There is also a Dominican, Columbian and Puerto Rican presence in the trafficking of this drug as well. At street level, these drugs are sold mostly by African-American and Hispanic groups.

Heroin use is quite problematic in Pennsylvania and this particular drug can be found throughout the state. It is shipped in to be sold in Philadelphia and also to be distributed to other parts of the country.

Club drugs can be found in Pennsylvania and are used mostly by ‘clubbers’ and ‘ravers’ in the Pittsburg and Philadelphia areas. Ecstasy, GHB, Ketamine and GBL are the predominant club drugs.

Marijuana is quite abundant in Pennsylvania. Marijuana is imported from Mexico, New York City, Arizona, California and Texas.

Hydrocodone and Oxycodone based products are the most abused pharmaceutical drugs. Users illegally purchase them from health-care workers, go doctor shopping, engage in prescription forgery, and buy these drugs online. Benzodiazepines are also fairly popular.

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