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Cocaine is readily available in New Mexico. Much of it is brought into the state from Mexico along the border that the two countries share. Not only is cocaine smuggled into New Mexico to be sold but also to be shipped to other parts of the country, particularly Denver, Chicago, Kansas City and Oklahoma City. Drugs are also distributed from New Mexico to states along the east coast.

Crack cocaine has become quite problematic as well, especially in Silver City and Hobbs. In these two areas, addiction rates to crack have become so high that it has caused significant and sweeping devastation. A great deal of the cocaine smuggled into New Mexico comes in powder form and is then converted into crack by dealers before they traffic it.

Mexican black tar heroin is also readily available. It is routinely smuggled into the state and then sold. The abuse rates for this drug are fairly high.

Methamphetamine use has become concerning as well. While there are some small, independent labs in the state, the majority of the methamphetamine supply comes from Mexico by way of Phoenix and Los Angeles.

The club drugs GHB, Ketamine, LSD and ecstasy are mostly found in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque areas. They are commonly used by individuals who attend raves. Tons of marijuana makes its way into New Mexico. It is sold there and also shipped out to other states. It is not uncommon for law enforcement agencies to seize thousands of pounds of marijuana at one time.

Vicodin, Oxycodone, Lorcet and Lortab are all pharmaceutical medications that are commonly abused by individuals in New Mexico. Individuals are able to access them via doctor shopping, prescription forgery and purchasing them over-the-counter, from Mexico. There are also hijackings of vehicles transporting prescription medications, though this is most often done by higher-ups in the drug trade.

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