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Methamphetamine distribution and use is a major concern for law enforcement officials in Montana. It is considered to be the state’s biggest drug threat. While some of it is manufactured in local labs, the majority of it is brought in from Mexico, via Mexican trafficking organizations.

Club drug use is relegated mostly to college towns and campuses. It can be difficult to find these types of drugs anywhere else in the state. The individual's most responsible for selling club drugs such as ecstasy are those between the ages of 18 and 25. These mostly Caucasian trafficking organizations or independent sellers, receive most of their supply from Seattle, Washington. Along with ecstasy, Ketamine, GHB and LSD are also available.

Heroin is another drug which is not a huge threat in Montana. It can be found mostly in Missoula. Cocaine is concentrated mostly in Great Falls, Billings and on the Black Feet Indian Reservation. Besides the metro areas and the aforementioned cities (and reservation), cocaine is not very accessible. What is available is shipped in from Colorado, Chicago, Washington, California and the southwest region of the United States.

Marijuana is the drug used most in Montana. It is cultivated locally, mostly indoors and also shipped in from Canada. B.C. Bud (the Canadian brand) is available and becoming more so. However, the majority of marijuana is shipped in from Mexico and the trade is controlled by Mexican drug trafficking organizations.

Diverted pharmaceuticals which have become problematic include Dialudid, and Oxycontin. Narcotic pain relievers are the pharmaceutical drugs abused most often in Montana.

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