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In Missouri, the predominant drugs are heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine. While cocaine is accessible, recently it has been more difficult for dealers to obtain.  As a result, users are turning more to drugs such as heroin and marijuana.  The cocaine available in Missouri tends to be more expensive than what can be found in other states where the supply is more plentiful. The purity levels also tend to be lower due to an effort by dealers to stretch the supply.  Cocaine in Missouri tends to come from California, Texas and Arizona though originates in Mexico. While some of it is sold in powder form, much of it’s is cooked and converted into crack cocaine. 

The wholesale drug trade is largely dominated by Mexican drug trafficking organizations. Not only are they responsible for most of the cocaine found in Missouri but also the heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine.

While heroin in Missouri is mostly of the black tar heroin variety, in the last seven years the predominance of this drug has began to wane.   White, powder heroin is becoming more and more popular. It comes mostly from Southwest Asia and South America.  White heroin is found primarily in rural and suburban areas and also in the eastern part of state.  Western Missouri has more black tar heroin though the quantities are limited.

Methamphetamine abuse is quite problematic in Missouri.  Most of it can be found in the western part of state. Ice, the more potent form of the drug, is consumed most.  Methamphetamine is not as big a problem in eastern Missouri.  There are meth labs throughout the state, most of them are in west Missouri This is to be expected considering that meth use is most concentrated here.  However, the numbers of labs has decreased dramatically in the last 6 years. There are laws on the books which control how much pseudoephedrine can be purchased at one time. This has been effective in slowing down the manufacture of meth in small labs.

Club drugs such as ecstasy and GHB are available throughout Missouri.  They are found mostly in clubs and on or near college campuses.  Marijuana use is fairly widespread. Most of it comes from Mexico though there is a market for BC Bud, which is imported from Canada.

The abuse of Oxycontin, Vicodin, Methadone, Adderall, Codeine and Ritalin has become a threat. Users are gaining access to them through prescription forgery, theft, doctor shopping. Some people are purchasing these drugs from healthcare professionals, illegally.  The Internet is also being utilized for this purpose.


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