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Seven percent of Mississippians age 12 and older have reported illicit drug use in the past month. The primary drugs used in Mississippi are cocaine (powder and crack), methamphetamine (meth), and marijuana. Club drugs (mostly ecstasy), heroin and Oxycontin are used as well, just not as at the same rates as the aforementioned. The former are also not considered as problematic as cocaine, meth and marijuana.

In the state of Mississippi the drug which is most abused is cocaine, both powder and crack. It poses a significant threat because it is very addicting and readily available. Both drugs can be found in the state’s major cities and also in rural areas.

 Heroin is available though, its use not widespread. Methamphetamine, conversely, is used quite heavily and only trails cocaine in use and addiction rates, when comparing serious drugs. Meth is extremely powerful and inexpensive, a combination that is very appealing to drug users and addicts. The abuse of meth is growing at an alarming rate as the culture which surrounds it is very destructive. Meth users and addicts tend to act in violent manners.

Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in Mississippi. Many consider it a gateway drug. Gateway drugs are those that introduce persons to the world of drugs acting as a spring board to other more serious drugs.

Heroin can be found throughout the state. However, it is not heavily used and can be difficult to find. It tends to be expensive and the demand for it really isn’t there.

Club drugs are available in Mississippi. They are found mostly on and around college campuses and towns. Ecstasy is the most commonly used club drug.

Another drug that has entered the radar of law enforcement is Oxycontin. An increasing number of individuals are using the prescription medication recreationally.

In the state of Mississippi, the drugs which pose the biggest threat are powder cocaine, crack, meth and marijuana. These drugs are readily available and abused at fairly high rates. Drugs which are available, but not heavily used, are heroin and ecstasy.


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