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Though heroin, cocaine and pharmaceutical drug abuse is present in Maine, the predominant drug is marijuana. It is cultivated within the state and also shipped in from New York, Canada and Massachusetts.

Cocaine can be found in Maine, however, not in large quantities.  Crack cocaine is present as well and is more of a problem in the central and southern parts of the state.  Most of the cocaine which is imported into Maine comes from the Dominican Republic.

Dominican drug traffickers are also largely responsible for the heroin that makes its way into Maine. Heroin use occurs mostly in the southern part of the state.  However, it can also be found in the rural parts and throughout the state as well. Teens are amongst the groups whose use of heroin is increasing most.

Methamphetamine is a big problem in some states.  This is not yet true in Maine, though the potential for it to become one exists.  Low-grade meth can be found.  However, its abuse is not problematic.  Ecstasy use has however, increase. The biggest users of meth are those on college campuses and individuals who attend raves. 

As stated earlier, marijuana is the primary drug abused in Maine.  A lot of it is grown indoors and also shipped in from. Canada.  The marijuana imported from Canada is considered very high grade and more potent then other types.

Pharmaceuticals drug abuse, particularly the abuse of Oxycontin, has become problematic.  Methadone is also commonly abused.  Many people in Maine obtain these drugs from healthcare workers who sell them illegally.

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