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The types of drugs most abused in Idaho, is dependent on the particular portion of the state one is talking about. In eastern Idaho, cocaine is the drug abused most.  In western and central parts of the state, methamphetamine is the drug abused most. Not only are drugs sold throughout Idaho, the state also acts as a hub for distribution to other parts of the country.  Drugs enter Iowa, and are often distributed to the states in the eastern part of the country.


Cocaine is a drug that can be easily found in Idaho.  Its use is second only to marijuana.  Much of cocaine is smuggled in from California and Chicago.  Crack cocaine is also a problem. It is used by individuals of all ethnic and socioeconomic groups. Much of cocaine is brought in from Arkansas and Chicago.  Heroin is found mostly in Eastern Idaho and overall is not a major threat. Both white and black tar heroin can be found.  It comes mostly from Chicago.


 Methamphetamine found in Idahois generally the work of Hispanic drug trafficking organizations.  Meth use is highest in the Western and central parts of the state.


Ecstasy is the predominant club drug abused in Idaho, it come to mostly from the Netherlands, California, Spain in New York.  Marijuana is a commonly abused drug and can be everywhere in Idaho. The majority of it comes from the southwestern region of the United States.  There are some crops that are grown in Idaho, though there is a great deal of local cultivation.


 Hydrocodone, particularly Vicodin abuse has become problematic. Individuals also abuse oxycontin, codeine and benzodiazepines.  They are able to obtain them via prescription forgery, theft, buying them online and doctor shopping.

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