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Each of the major drugs can be found in Georgia. Not only are they trafficked within the state, but they are also distributed to states within the region and along the eastern seaboard. Because it is the largest southern city and is accessible via a number of major highways, lots of drug shipments make their way to Georgia and also pass through the state on their way to other destinations.

Marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine are the most commonly abused and available drugs in Georgia. Many of these illicit substances come from Mexico and the southwestern region of the United States.  Mexican trafficking organizations are primarily responsible for the majority of the drugs that find there way to Georgia. However there exists,  Asian, West African, Southeast Asian, Caribbean and South American drug trafficking organizations as well. At the street level, the drugs are sold largely by African-American dealers.  

Marijuana is the drug used most in Georgia. It can be found in both urban and rural areas.  Most of it comes from Mexico and the Southwestern region of the country.  Marijuana is purchased wholesale from Mexico.  However, some of it is grown locally as the region is conducive to this crop.

Cocaine and crack are very serious threats to Georgia.  However, recently it has been tougher to get shipments of cocaine into the state from Mexico and Latin America because of the crackdown of shipments entering the United States from these countries by drug enforcement agencies. The powder cocaine that does make its way into Georgia is sold as is and also cooked and converted into crack cocaine.  Cocaine comes to Georgia largely from Texas, Mexico and Latin America.

Methamphetamine use has also proven to be a problematic and has become a real threat in recent years.  A lot of it is manufactured right in Georgia and it is also smuggled in from Mexico.  Heroin is available as well. However the area is more of hub. Heroin is transported Atlanta and then distributed to other states were a lot of the consumption occurs. Though it can  be found and is used in Georgia, it is not one of the most commonly abused drugs. What is available comes primarily from Southwest Asia, Mexico and South America.

Club drugs such as GHB, ecstasy, Ketamine and LSD are used in Georgia.  However, similarly to heroin, most of the club drugs which enter Atlanta are destined for other parts of the country.

The abuse of pharmaceutical drugs however, has become problematic in Georgia.  Oxycodone and Hydrocodone products are the ones most abused.  Individuals obtain these drugs via doctor shopping, health care workers and the Internet.