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Drug Addiction Can Be Cured

February 6, 2010


Though drug addiction is a disease, it can’t necessarily be cured like a physical one. An addiction to illicit substances such as drugs, is often an ongoing battle and a person will likely always struggle with a desire to begin using again. For this reason, it is necessary that individuals safeguard themselves from tempations that make it difficult to stay clean.


Staying away from other users and  places where a person has used drugs in the past is one way to protect oneself.  Learning to successfully handle stressors, disapointments and difficult times without using drugs will also be paramount in ones fight against using again.


Going to and participating in support groups and ongoing, one-on-one counseling can both be extremely effective ways to steer clear of relapsing. Taking an active and proactive approach to staying clean can go a long way and make it easier to avoid falling back into a life of drug use and addiction.


The myth that drug addiction can be cured is just that, a myth. Though a person may stop taking drugs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not something that they will never have to worry about again.  It likely will be. Person's who have been able to stop using, often struggle to maintain their sobriety.


Unfortunately, many people will stop taking drugs, only to re-start. There is sometimes fluidity in addiction. A person may experience periods of sobriety and then start taking drugs again. This is not to say that once an individual quits, that they will necessarily fall back into addiction. There are some people who are able to get clean and stay that way without relapsing.


Rehab, detoxification programs and then follow-up (support groups, counseling) treatment, can be excellent ways for users to address their addictions to drugs and other substances. They offer ways for individuals to detox (get clean from drugs), discover the reasons why they use drugs and provide them with strategies to stay clean.



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