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Marijuana Addiction

February 6, 2010

There is some debate concerning whether or not marijuana tolerance can develop in users. Some drug experts believe that persons who have engaged in long term and chronic use may develop a tolerance to it. Others suggest that this is not possible. What isn’t much up for debate is the contention that marijuana can be psychologically addicting.

Marijuana can be psychologically addicting
.  People who develop such addictions can have as much trouble getting clean as those who have a physical addiction. In fact, just about everyone who is addicted to drugs suffers from some level of psychological addiction. This is why the fight to get off drugs continues long after the drugs have left the body. A person is not guaranteed to stay off drugs simply because they go through a detoxification program. No, for most persons, that is only the beginning. 

Therapy, as a well as drug rehabilitation, can be a good way to treat those that are psychologically addicted to a substance. This combination tends to be pretty effective, though not fool-proof. Drug abuse is difficult to overcome. It can take years before some individuals are able to quit using drugs. Even then, it often continues to be a struggle to stay clean. 

As stated above, while marijuana is not considered to be physically addicting, most experts recognize the potential that exists for psychological addiction. Individuals may associate marijuana with having a good time and so are eager to smoke it. Others may be attempting to self-medicate emotional or mental issues. Whatever the reason, it is important to take such addictions seriously and provide people help that need it.

An addiction to marijuana can cause a myriad of problems. Individuals are at risk of developing various illnesses, physical and psychological, such as cancer, schizophrenia and depression. They may also have trouble remembering things or thinking normally. All of these are issues that individuals might one day face if they are not able to get clean and overcome their addiction to marijuana. Marijuana is not a harmless drug like many people claim. Its use can cause very serious problems, all which can negatively impact the addict’s life.

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