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Ketamine Mixing

February 6, 2010


It can be dangerous and is subsequently unwise to use Ketamine with other types of drugs.  Individuals who do so are at a greater risk of overdosing and/or developing complications.   There are, however, some combinations that have not proven to pose a physical threat when taken together. They include taking Ketamine with ecstasy, nitrous, acid and dextromethorphan. However, even so, it is our contention that it is not worth the risk.


Ketamine is an anesthetic. These typically do not mix well with other types of drugs. Because they are depressants, when they are used with other depressants, individuals are at risk of respiratory depression and death. This means that drugs such as alcohol and heroin should definitely not be taken with Ketamine.


A person may try to mix ketamine with psychoactive drugs such as ecstasy and/or LSD. This is generally not considered dangerous. However, it can make one’s trip a little crazy. Remember, Ketamine is a dissociative so people will already be feeling “outside” their body and having weird sensations. Psychoactive drugs may only exacerbate this experience. When mixed with ecstasy, it may help persons feel stronger psychoactive sensations. When taken with LSD, a person’s trip may include stronger out of body experiences.


Alcohol and Ketamine should be avoided largely because both are depressants. If high doses or either or both are taken, a person’s respiratory system may become depressed. In a worst case scenario, the person dies.  If a person does not overdose, the experience may still not be a good one. This combination can make users feel sick and nauseas. They may even begin throw up.  Just as alcohol is a bad mix because it is a depressant, so are drugs such as Valium and Xanax. Too much of these drugs can depress the respiratory systems, causing serious problems, even death. 


Cannabis and Ketamine can increase the psychoactive experience. Users may hallucinate more as well as feel more disconnected to their bodies.


Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic. Like many anesthetics, it does not mix well with other drugs and combining it with other drugs should largely be avoided. It is especially important to avoid taking Ketamine with depressants since this can pose a serious risk to the user.


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