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Ketamine Dangers

February 6, 2010


Episodic memory loss and various other impairments are a risk that people assume when they use Ketamine for long periods of time. Sometimes these are reversible. Sometimes they are not. The biggest danger associated with Ketamine use is overdose and then death.


Ketamine is an anesthetic that can be used on human beings and animals, though it is used mostly on animals. It puts persons and animals to sleep before medical procedures. If too much is taken, respiratory depression may occur. This is especially true if it is mixed with another depressant.


Ketamine is a dissociative drug, which means that people who use it feel disassociated from their body. They may feel like they are in a dream-like state or like they are floating. However, if too much is taken, they risk experiencing a k-hole. Individuals may hallucinate, have flashbacks, may feel separated from their body and become unable to move.


Common side effects associated with the drug includes mental problems, paranoia, panic and rage. These feelings can cause problems in a person’s day-to-day life. They may find it difficult to maintain relationships.


There is a risk of developing a psychological addiction to Ketamine, though not a physical one. Individuals that become psychologically addicted to it, may find it difficult to control their use of the drug. This can result in financial and relational problems. It is important for individuals who suffer from addictive behavior to get help. A good, drug rehab facility can be a lot of help.


Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic. It is used to treat both human beings and animals, mostly the latter. Its use by human beings for recreational purposes has increased a great deal in recent years. This can be quite dangerous because it was never meant to be used except by health professionals. In the hands of individuals without medical training, Ketamine can prove to be quite dangerous.  Overdose, temporary feelings of paralysis, hallucinations and memory loss are all risks that people who use Ketamine assume when taking it recreationally.





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