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Percocet Rehab Facility

February 6, 2010


Percocet Basics

Percocet is a narcotic that is prescribed to treat individuals that suffer from severe to moderate pain. It is made up of two drugs, oxycodone and acetaminophen. This synthetic opioid is similar to heroin and morphine and makes individuals who take feel relaxed. Any pain they have will dissipate. It is very effective in this manner but unfortunately, is easy to develop a dependency to.


What Leads to Percocet Addiction?

Because Percocet is a narcotic, it can be addicting. This is especially true if an individual has been taking it for a long time or if they have been using it in an abusive manner (not according to a physician’s instruction). It is very important that persons that have been prescribed Percocet by their doctor take it properly. Taking too much, or using it too often, can lead to dependency.  Percocet abuse can also cause changes in the brain which can lead to physical addiction.


Individuals that suspect that they or someone they love has become addicted to Percocet should seek out help as soon as possible. A Percocet rehab facility can be very helpful in this regard, providing individuals with the guidance and support they need in order to get clean.


Many people mistakenly believe that prescription medications are not as harmful or potentially addicting as those sold on the street. Nothing could be further from the truth. These addictions can be just as serious and dangerous. Therefore, persons that need help should get it right away before it is too late.


When looking for a Percocet treatment facility, individuals should only consider programs that have a low staff to client ratio, a good reputation and a proven track record of care and safety. If a facility has all of these things, the chances that a person will have a good shot at getting clean, increase. An excellent Percocet rehab facility can be a great help to individuals seeking to get clean.

The Importance of Overcoming An Addiction to Percocet

An addiction to Percocet puts individuals at an increased risk of dying from an overdose.


Renal or liver damage may occur in individuals that use Percocet for long periods of time of if they take especially large doses of it.


Percocet addiction may cause emotional mood disorders.






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