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Cocaine Counseling

February 6, 2010

A phone counseling helpline can be of great benefit to individuals who struggle with Cocaine Addiction. Quality organizations will have well-trained and helpful counselors available to provide support and encouragement to those who need it.

Things To Do Prior To Calling A Phone Counseling Line
·    Spend an adequate amount of time thinking about your addiction so that you can accurately discuss it with the phone counselor who takes your call.
·    Determine if the call will be free or if you will charged for it.
·    Contact your insurance company and see if they will cover phone counseling for drug addiction.
·    If you have to pay for the call yourself, have your credit or debit card close by
·    Make a list of all of the questions you have or things you want to discuss

Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Phone Call
·    Be prepared for the call. This may require setting aside an adequate amount to think about your drug addiction and what you want to talk with the counselor about.
·    Be open about the details of your drug use
·    Remember, no question is off limits.

If You Need Help, Don’t Be Afraid to Get It!
If you are concerned about your drug use or that of someone you love, it is a good idea to talk to someone about it. A helpline is an excellent way to do just that.

Cocaine Phone Counseling Resources
Drug Addiction Alcohol Abuse Helpline: 1-800-390-4056
National Addiction Helpline: 1-866-300-6205

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