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Cocaine and crack are readily available in Virginia. This is obviously of concern to local law enforcement agencies. However, what is equally, if not more problematic, is the violence that surrounds the trafficking of both of these drugs. Assaults and murder are quite common in urban areas where the crack trade is most active. Cocaine is supplied to Virginia by wholesalers from Mexico, New York, Georgia, North Carolina and the southwestern region of the United States.

Heroin abuse has been proven to be the biggest drug problem in Tidewater and Richmond, as well as Portsmouth. The drug is sold in other parts of the state, however the above-mentioned areas have been hardest hit. The heroin sold in Virginia is very addicting, largely because the purity levels are so high.

Methamphetamine can be found throughout the state. It is manufactured in local labs. However, the production from these labs has decreased. This can largely be contributed to measures taken by the state and federal governments to limit the ability of individuals to obtain the chemicals needed to make meth.

Ecstasy use, as well as that of other club drugs, is very concerning. The abuse of these is fairly widespread in some areas. Besides ecstasy, Ketamine, GHB, LSD, PCP and magic mushrooms are also used.

Marijuana is the drug used most in Virginia. Much of it is transported from Mexico and the southwestern region of the United States. Canadian marijuana is also available. Crops are cultivated in the state as well, mostly during the summer and spring seasons. More individuals are also beginning to it cultivate it indoors.

Dilaudid, Percocet and Oxycontin abuse have proven to be problematic in Virginia. These prescription medications are being abused at record levels and are being supported by doctor shopping, theft, purchases from healthcare professionals the internet. Besides the aforementioned prescription meds, Benzodiazepines, Hydromorphone and Methadone are abused as well.

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