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South Dakota is a state with a small population. Even still, drug problems do exist. Methamphetamine is the drug which poses the biggest threat to South Dakota, though it is not the only one which causes concern for law enforcement agencies. There are serious worries about the addictive nature of methamphetamine and the violence it contributes to. Users often become violent and the drug trade involving this drug can quickly become competitive and dangerous. Meth can also tragically alter an addict’s life and negatively affect the people who love and care for him or her.

Cocaine is also readily available in South Dakota and its use problematic. Cocaine enters the state mostly in powder form. Some of it is sold as is, while some of it is cooked, converted to crack and then sold. Most of the cocaine which ends up in South Dakota is from Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis and Sioux City.

Heroin use is pretty insignificant in terms of the number of users. While, it is available in some parts of the state, it can not be easily obtained. Large seizures of heroin are rare occurrences. Individuals are much more likely to have just enough for personal use. The same holds true for ecstasy. This club drug is not a huge concern because it is not readily available or widely abused.

Marijuana, on the other hand, can be found throughout the state. Its use is fairly widespread. Marijuana is smuggled into the state from Washington, California and Colorado.

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