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The predominant drug in North Dakota is methamphetamine. The majority of meth found in the state is shipped in from California, Mexico and Washington. It is also manufactured in labs within the state. However, these small labs are responsible for only minute amounts of the drug. People might cook up meth for personal use or sell it to friends or acquaintances, but not usually for widespread distribution. It has become much harder to create large batches of meth because every time a person purchases pseudoephedrine or a product that contains it, they must show their identification to the store clerk. If it is found that the same person is buying up large quantities of products which contain pseudoephedrine, this can tip off law-enforcement agencies. As a result, the manufacture of methamphetamine has decreased because individuals are afraid that they may be busted.

Cocaine is readily available throughout the state. However, it is no longer the most popular drug. At one time it was but now that distinction belongs to methamphetamine. Heroin is available however not widely so, therefore it poses no significant threat and is not a big concern for law-enforcement agencies in the state. There are some club drugs in North Dakota. However, the quantities are very small and they are only now becoming a problem and only a miniscule one at that.

Marijuana use however is fairly widespread. It is smuggled in from a number of places, primarily Canada and Mexico. Canadian marijuana is of the BC variety and hydroponic. Both of these are considered high grades of the drug and the market for them has increased quite a bit because of their high potency. Not only is marijuana sold in North Dakota but it also transported to other states.

The pharmaceutical drugs most abused in North Dakota are Hydrocodone based medications. Individuals obtain these via doctor shopping and prescription forgery. Many persons also purchase them online.

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