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Because of New Jersey's geography, the state is surrounded by communities which have a long history of drug trafficking.  Because it is accessible from other parts of the world and the eastern corridor not only do a lot of drugs find their way into New Jersey to be sold but also to be transported to other parts of the country. Its close proximity to New York and Pennsylvania means that lots of drugs are available.  This contributes greatly to the drug problem in the state as does international drug trafficking groups.

Cocaine, powder and crack are the drugs abused most in New Jersey.  They both can be found throughout the state. Crack is more of a problem in the inner cities and lower income neighborhoods, while cocaine can be found everywhere. New Jersey is also a major player in the international cocaine drug trade.  It is shipped in from South American countries and also from the states in the southwest region of the United States.  Shipments often come in via aircraft and vehicle (trucks and cars).  Street gangs are often responsible for trafficking the drugs on the street.  Dominican, African-American and other organizations dominate the street market.

Heroin use and distribution is problematic as well.  One age group that is particularly at risk are those between 18 and 25 years old.  A study found that the rate of abuse amongst these individuals is twice that of the national average.  This is very alarming and a great cause for concern.  The heroin sold in New Jersey is of high purity and is cheap. This makes it quite attractive for drug users.

Another drug that has in recent years caused a great threat to the state is fentanyl.  Many fatal overdoses have been connected to the use of this drug , which has been quite concerning. 

Methamphetamine is also a widely available in New Jeresy.  The drug is primarily shipped in from Mexico.  However, some of it is manufactured right in New Jersey.

Marijuana can be found quite easily.  Much of it comes from Mexico and also from Jamaica and Canada, though the latter two countries are not responsible for the predominate amounts of the drug found in the state.

The abuse of pharmaceuticals is problematic.  The one's abused most include Percocet, Ephedrine, xanax, vicodin and hydrocodone-based products.  Prescription forgery and fraud, as well as purchasing these drugs from underground prescription drug rings, are amongst the most prevalent ways to obtain them.

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