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Two of the predominant drugs, cocaine and heroin, abused and trafficked in New Hampshire are controlled by Dominican drug trafficking organizations.  Both drugs can found throughout the state and are problematic.

Methamphetamine use has been growing in recent years.  However, the state has been able to stabilize the distribution of the drug. 
Drug trafficking organizations from the Dominican Republic are largely responsible for bringing it into the state. It is often shipped in from Florida. California and Massachusetts.

Heroin use has become somewhat of a concern.  However, its use and distribution is not at crisis levels.  Most of it comes in from New York. 

Ecstasy use has decreased some though it had been somewhat problematic in the past. Most buyers of this drug are young persons and those involved in the club or rave scenes.  It is also readily available around or on college campuses.

Marijuana is the drug used most in the state.  It is smuggled in from Mexico and also from the southwestern region of the United States. Some of the crop is grown in New Hampshire but not a great deal of it. Canadian marijuana is sold and used as well.  This is widely considered to a superior to the marijuana brought in from Mexico.

The abuse of prescription medications particularly Oxycontin, Methadone, Fetanyl and Suboxone is concerning. Individuals are obtaining these via doctor shopping, buying them online purchasing them illegally from healthcare workers and also stealing them from persons who have been legitimately prescribed them or from hospitals and/or pharmacies.

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