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Nevada is not only a consumption state but also a pretty significant drug hub. Shipments are sent to the state, particularly to Las Vegas, to be distributed to other parts of the country, mostly the eastern and central regions.

Methamphetamine and cocaine abuse are a concern for Nevada law enforcement officials. The use and distribution of these drugs has become problematic. As a result, law enforcement officials make continuous efforts to thwart both the trafficking and use of them.

Cocaine is found both in southern and northern Nevada, though it is concentrated mostly in the former.  Converted powder cocaine or crack, is a problem mostly in the inner cities.  This particular market is dominated by street gangs.

The heroin drug trade in Nevada is dominated by Mexican drug trafficking organizations.  The predominant type of heroin sold and consumed is Mexican black tar, though brown heroin can be found around the state as well, mostly in Clark County.

Methamphetamine abuse is problematic in Nevada. The drug is sold throughout the state and also distributed to other parts of country. Most of it is imported into Nevada, though there are some small labs that are responsible for small scale production.  The trafficking of meth is largely controlled by Mexican drug trafficking organizations.

Drug club use is concentrated mostly in the southern part of the state, especially around and in Las Vegas.  It can be found in the Northern part of Nevada as well, though its use and availability is not great.  Unlike many of the other drugs trafficked in Nevada, Asian organizations largely control the club drug trade and not Mexican.  

Marijuana can be found throughout the state. Crops are cultivated in Nevada and also imported from Mexico.  Most of it comes from California but grown in Mexico. There has however, been an increase in the amount of indoor cultivation of the drug, especially in and around Las Vegas. These hydroponic plants are considered to be of superior quality and much more potent then what is grown in Mexico.

The abuse of diverted pharmaceuticals such as benzodiazepines, hydrocodone based products and Oxycontin has become a problematic.  Methadone, fentanyl, lortab and codeine are commonly abused as well.  The pharmaceutical drug black market has become a big concern for law enforcement officials in Nevada.

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