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Mexican drug trafficking organizations dominate the drug trade in Minnesota. This is particularly true concerning black tar heroin, marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine. These organizations are largely responsible for the wholesale distribution of these drugs.  Once they are brought into Minnesota, African-American, Caucasian and Native American gangs and organizations sell them at street level. 

Much of the cocaine found in Minnesota comes from Detroit, California and Chicago. Again, after it reaches the state, it is sold by the aforementioned organizations.  Heroin is not an extremely problematic drug in Minnesota. While it is available, it is not a primary or even a major concern for local law enforcement agencies. The heroin found in Minnesota has generally been smuggled in from Chicago, New York, West Africa and Nigeria.

The methamphetamine drug trade in Minnesota is pretty robust. Much of the methamphetamine originates in Mexico and is shipped in from Washington, Texas, Arizona and California.

Club drugs are consumed mostly by those in the gay community as well as young individuals who attend raves and/or go to clubs.  The club drugs abused most are PCP, ecstasy, rohypnol, Ketamine and GBL.

Marijuana distribution is pretty widespread in Minnesota. Again, most of it comes from Mexico and is trafficked and controlled by organizations from this country. They are responsible for selling wholesale to independent and organized groups.  However, Asian drug trafficking organizations have recently gotten in on the marijuana trade.  Most of the drugs they pump into the system are not shipped in from Asia but instead are grown indoors, right in Minnesota.

Prescription drug abuse has become quite problematic. The ones abused most are Vicodin, Nubain, Ritalin and Dilaudid, Methadone and Oxycontin.  These drugs are obtained mostly via doctor shopping and also purchased from those in the healthcare industry who either have access to these drugs or the power to write prescriptions.


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