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The State of Louisiana is a major trafficking hub.  The highways and water ways are situated ideally for the drug trade. The drugs come into Louisiana to be sold. They are also brought there and then shipped to other parts of the country.  The biggest threats and the drugs which are most problematic are cocaine and crack.  Both substances can be found throughout the state. The majority of cocaine which enters Louisiana is converted into crack, sold internally and then distributed to other states.  Violence surrounding the crack cocaine as well as the drug trade in general is responsible for a lot of violence. The murder rates are high and most of these deaths are related to drug trafficking.

Crack and cocaine is sold both in urban and rural areas.  Street gangs and independent dealers are most responsible for trafficking the drug within the state.  Heroin is available. However, it is not a major problem. Crack is by far the preferred drug amongst the two.  The heroin that can be found there comes from Mexico and South America.

Marijuana use is widespread.  It is grown locally however this is mostly for personal use.  Most of it is shipped in from Mexico and this makes up the predominant supply.  Its low-cost makes it difficult for those who grow marijuana themselves to sale it and make a profit.

Methamphetamine has become a growing problem. In fact, some people are beginning to use methamphetamine instead of crack cocaine.  This is a largely because it is inexpensive and the high last much longer then crack.  Just as a lot of violence surrounds the crack trade, the same is true in regards to methamphetamine.  Not only is there violence but there is also a lot of danger as it concerns the manufacturing of the drug.  Though lab incidents surrounding meth operations have decreased in recent years, they still occur.  The methamphetamine drug trade is controlled mostly by Caucasian groups.  However, the actual drug comes primarily from Mexico.

Club drug abuse is not a major problem in Louisiana. In some places, it is declining.  In other parts of the state, the use is pretty steady. 
The most common ones are Ecstasy, Ketamine and GHB.  Most users are young and Caucasian.


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