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Cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana are all drugs that can be readily found in Indiana and which pose a threat to the state.  Cocaine, including crack, is found primarily in the metro areas and larger cities, though it is sold and used by persons who reside in rural areas and the suburbs.  Violence surrounding the drug trafficking trade in Indiana is problematic and is a concern for local law-enforcement.

Heroin is not as big a problem in Indiana as it is in some other states. It is found mostly in the northern part of the state. Southeast Asia and Mexican black and brown tar are the types abused most. Methamphetamine has become more of a problem in recent years. It is manufactured in the locally but only in small quantities and mostly for personal use.  The bulk of meth comes from Mexico.

Club drugs such as Ketamine, Ecstasy, LSD and GHB are not a significant problem and their use is pretty stable.  Marijuana is however, a major problem.  Much of it is grown and shipped in from Mexico. However some of it is cultivated locally, both indoor and outdoors.

The abuse of the prescription medication, Hydrocodone and drugs derived from it, is a concern. Many people obtain these drugs via doctor shopping or purchase them from health professionals who sell it illegally.  Prescription forgery is also a problem. Besides Hydrocodone based products, Valium, Methadone and Xanax are also heavily abused.

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