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There are a number of drug trafficking organizations controlling the drug trade in Illinois.  Organizations from California, Texas, Arizona and even Mexico have a presence there.  Motorcycle gangs and Asian trafficking organizations are in on the trade as well.  Cocaine in powder form and crack are a major problem. Both drugs can be found in all parts of the state.  Most of it is shipped in from California and Texas.  It enters Illinois in powder form, some of it is sold as is, while some of it is cooked and converted into crack. Crack is sold mostly in the inner cities of Illinois.

Not only is cocaine and crack sold in Illinois but the state also acts as a distribution hub where drugs are shipped out to larger cities such as New York, Detroit, Dayton and Chicago.  Though heroin can be found in Illinois it isn’t found in large quantities. 

Most of the methamphetamine sold in Illinois is done so by Hispanic drug trafficking organizations.  There are some home grown labs, however because individuals are not able to purchase large quantities of pseudoephedrine, it is more difficult to manufacture.  However, labs still do exist throughout the state.

Club drugs such as ecstasy can be found but they are not extremely problematic or readily available.  Marijuana is the drug used most and the market is run primarily by Mexican traffickers.  Marijuana is also a grown within the state.  The cultivation of hydroponic marijuana is somewhat a problem, and is therefore, something that local law enforcement continues to keep an eye on.

Pharmaceutical drug abuse is prevalent in Illinois. The primary drug of choice for those who abuse pharmaceutical meds in Illinoisis Oxycontin.  Some individuals use this instead of heroin.  Hydrocodone, Demerol, Prozac, Diluadid, Percocet and Nubaine are also pharmaceutical drugs that are commonly abused in Illinois.

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