Delaware Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities.

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Delaware is a small state with a small population base. However, many of the major drugs can be found and purchased there.  Cocaine, power and crack, heroin and marijuana are the most readily available and abused drugs in Delaware. Ecstasy, methamphetamine and diverted pharmaceuticals can be found there as well.  

Many of the drugs that find their way into Delaware come from Philadelphia.  Some drug dealers are beginning to move their base of operation from bigger cities in New York and Pennsylvania to Delaware because there is less competition and law enforcement.  

Amongst young persons, particularly those who are teenagers and in their early twenties, drugs such as ecstasy, methamphetamine and GHB are problematic. These club drugs are often used during parties, raves and in night clubs.

Cocaine, both crack and the powder form of the drug, are used in the inner cities of Delaware, as well as in suburban and rural towns and cities. The use of crack cocaine has been on the rise, largely because it is cheap, can be found easily and is easy to smoke. Cocaine is generally brought into Delaware, from again, New York City or Philadelphia.  It is often purchased in powder form and cooked and converted into crack after it has reached the state.

Heroin use is fairly problematic.  However, cocaine and crack use seem to be bigger problems. Though, heroin’s high purity levels and low-cost make it ideal for some users.

Methamphetamine can be found in Delaware. However, it is not a major problem like it is in many other states.  The quantities of methamphetamine are fairly limited.  Much of it is manufactured in state, though some of it is also shipped in from Mexico and California.