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Cocaine and crack cocaine use continues to be problematic in Alaska.  Dominican and Mexican drug trafficking organizations are most responsible for the distribution of cocaine in Alaska, most of it being shipped in from the lower 48 states.  However, these two drugs aren’t the only ones which pose a threat to Alaska, prescription medications, methamphetamine and club drugs can also be found within in the state and are abused by a portion of the Alaskan population.


Heroin is a drug that is heavily abused in some parts of the country. However, this isn’t the case in Alaska. While, it can certainly be found there, it is not used heavily.  Oxycontin, the prescription medication, is often used in lieu of heroin. 


Methamphetamine, however, does pose a problem and is abused quite a bit. Some of it is manufactured right inside Alaska and then distributed throughout the state. It is also shipped in from the lower 48 states.  Retailers have sought to decrease the local manufacturing of methamphetamine by pulling cold medications off of the shelves and putting it behind the counter where they can monitor the sale of it more closely and to prevent theft or the purchase of extremely large quantities of it.


Club drugs such as ecstasy can be found in Alaska as well as GHB and LSD.  However, the drug that is abused most is marijuana. It is grown domestically, largely indoors.  Some of it is also shipped in from Canada and goes by the name, BC Bud.  This is considered a high-quality brand of marijuana and is more potent then many other types.


Prescription drug abuse is widespread, especially amongst young persons.  Hydrocodone, Oxycodone and steroids are used most. These are obtained by doctor shopping, hospitals, pharmacy and nursing home theft. Some health professionals also sell these types of drugs illegally to addicts and abusers.

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