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LSD Counseling

February 6, 2010


LSD was a drug used fairly heavily in the 1960s. It is still used to today with many people continuing to ‘trip’ on acid. Individuals who have developed a psychological addiction to LSD may need to enroll in a drug rehabilitation program. Those not yet ready to enter rehab, may want to take advantage of phone counseling. These phone calls are either free or fairly inexpensive.


Things To Do Prior To Calling A Phone Counseling Line

·        Compile a list of whatever questions and concerns you have

·        Research available phone counseling services

·        Determine the cost of the phone call (note, not all phone counseling sessions will charge the caller a fee)

·        Determine if your insurance policy covers phone counseling. If so, have your insurance information handy.

·        If you will be required to pay for the call, have your payment information close by.


Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Call

·        Be prepared

·        Stick to the script: Ask the questions and speak about those concerns that interest you.

·        Be honest about your drug use. This is the only way that you will be able to receive helpful advice.


 If You Need Help, Don’t Be Afraid to Get It!

Help lines are a very good way to discuss your addiction with someone who does not know you. Persons who are unable to speak with a family member or loved one about their addiction, or who would prefer not to, will be able to speak with someone who is encouraging, helpful and nonjudgmental.


LSD Phone Counseling Resources

Club Drugs Helpline: 1-866-569-7077


Celebrities With A Known LSD Addiction

Jimi Hendrix

Carey Grant

Angela Jolie


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