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I Can Control Whether or Not I Become Addicted to Drugs

February 6, 2010


Many persons prior to becoming addicts believed that it was impossible for them to become hooked on drugs. Unfortunately, this sentiment is far too common. Individuals may believe that they are protected from addiction for numerous reasons.


Some persons believe that they are too smart, too tough, and too physically or mentally strong. None of these can safeguard a person from becoming an addict. Some of the smartest, toughest and most athletic persons have become dependent on and controlled by drugs.


It is important that people understand this. No one is immune to drug addiction. Because of this, it is better that individuals refrain from ever using them in the first place. This is the only fool-proof way to ensure that a person does not become addicted to drugs.


Respecting drugs and the potential that they have to cause dependency and ruin one’s life is the best view a person can take. A healthy respect will hopefully give potential users the courage to say no and stay away from people who do choose to use drugs.


Everyone who uses drugs is a potential addict, whether it be a physical or psychological one. Drugs are not respectors' of any one. They can lure in and trap anyone, quickly taking control of their life, ruining important relationships and even cause death. Knowing this and really understanding their dangers, is extremely important and can save an individual a ton of trouble.


If you once believed the myth that you could control whether or not you would become addicted to drugs and found from first-hand experience the untruth of this sentiment and need help, please get it. There are plenty of drug rehabilitation programs available to provide you with the assistance and support you need to get clean. Some programs are absolutely free, while others allow payment on a sliding scale which means that you pay what you can afford. Don’t wait around. If you need help, get it.



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