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Drug Myths

February 6, 2010


There are many myths which surround the topic of drugs. Many of these cannot, or at least, should not be dismissed. Belief  in them can be very dangerous. Some people believe that certain drugs and classifications are not harmful. Others mistakenly insist that drug addiction can be avoided if a person is smart enough or mentally tough. Each of these myths is untrue. If people believe these, they are more susceptible to abuse, largely because they do not respect the potential dangers associated with drug use.


Being knowledgeable about drug use can help protect individuals from themselves and from these illicit (and sometimes legal substances). This section is all about educating, you, the reader, about common drug myths, so that you are not hurt or put yourself in danger because of misinformation.  Below, is a list of drug myths that we will discuss.


Common Drug Myths

1. Marijuana is Absolutely Harmless

2. Drug Addiction Can Be Cured

3. I Can Control Whether or Not I Become Addicted to Drugs

4.  Strong Minded People Do Not Get Addicted to Drugs 

5.  If Prescription Drugs Were Dangerous Doctors Wouldn’t Prescribe Them



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