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Persons looking for a local drug and alcohol detoxification center will be able to locate one using our database. We have listed the names and contact information of detoxification centers throughout the United States. They are listed by location, i.e. city and state.

Drug and Alcohol detoxification is sometimes a necessary part of the addiction recovery process. At times, going cold turkey can be dangerous, even lethal. Other times, detoxification can be too painful and distressing for a person to handle on their own. Detoxification provides addicts with the assistance that many badly need. It allows them to make it through this part of the recovery process so that they can begin working on the psychological issues responsible for keeping them hooked on drugs and/or alcohol.


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Facility Name Treatment Type Details
Alaska Human Services Inc/Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Screening,Addiction Counseling Centers,Detoxification Centers,Outpatient Rehab, Details
Alaska VA Healthcare Sys/Reg Office Detoxification Centers,Outpatient Rehab, Details
Cook Inlet Tribal Council Inc Alcohol and Drug Screening,Detoxification Centers,Health and Assistance,Mental Health,Addiction Recovery Programs, Details
Narcotic Drug Treatment Center Inc Alcohol and Drug Screening,Detoxification Centers,Health and Assistance,Outpatient Rehab,Wellness Centers, Details
Providence Alaska Medical Center Detoxification Centers,Outpatient Rehab, Details

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